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Easy steps for ordering a commission

Know the easy steps to order an art commission from us. In this post we will review the process to order a commission when you have a photograph that you want to use. Other posts provide tips on how to take a great photo and how to get a free photo online for inspiration if you do not have your own or one you can use.

Ordering an art commission can be a great way to get a custom piece of art that perfectly reflects your taste and style. However, it can also be a bit daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to order an art commission from us after finding the amazing artists (Gabriela and Victoria) of Twin Artz! 

1.    Use our contact form for commission request. 

2.    Fill out the form by answering all the questions as listed below.

a. Type and size of commission: Pencil Drawing (graphite or color) available in 9in x12in, 11in x14in, 18in x 24in or Canvas Painting available in 11in x 14in, 16in x 20in or 18in x 24in.

b. Number of subjects: 1, 2 or 3+

c. Background: none, as per file attached or per artist’s choice.

d. Select if you want work in progress (WIP) pictures or if you want to ‘be surprised’.

3.    Attach the file – We accept jpg, jpeg, png formats with maximum file size of 7MB.

4.    Submit the form.

After the form is received – we will respond in 2-3 business days with a quote/invoice for the piece unless we have clarifying questions. 

Here is an example of typical prices* for our commissions:

Drawing with graphite pencil: 1 human subject/full body/complex background: 9×12 $124

Painting with acrylic/oil paint: 2 subjects or basic landscape: 11×14 $234

We require payment before commission work starts. Full payment for commissions that require less than 6 weeks. For commissions requiring more than six weeks a 50% deposit is required. This will be listed on the invoice. Refer to our Terms of Service for more information. 

*Prices provided as an example; this does not mean that your commission will be this price. Additional information is listed under the specific product entry linked above for items considered when providing a quote.

Baby Angel
Drawing Commission
Custom painting of clarinet player
Painting Commission
Custom Drawing of Quince at 17 party
Color Pencil Drawing Commission

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