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Artwork story: Pink Flamingo

Showing progress of the ‘Pink Flamingo’ painting by Victoria

Here is the first in the series to review different works of art available at our shop. We will start with the story of the ‘Pink Flamingo’ painting by Victoria.

Victoria’s favorite color is pink, as can be seen from her picture in the “About Us” page.

Twin with pink background

“Flamingos have always been one of my favorite animals. I wanted to use a dynamic pose with the long, twisted neck with the dark beak being a striking contrast against the light color combinations that make up the pink/orange feathers along with various shades of purple creating the shadows.”

Did you know that the food that flamingoes eat accounts for the different shades of feathers? They are born with gray feathers.

Work in Progress

Here are a some work in progress (WIP) pictures of when I was working on the painting. See a link to purchase a print of the final painting below! Thanks!

Initial drawing for flamingo painting
Initial drawing with background painted
2nd WIP for flamingo painting
Painting the beak and starting feathers
WIP 3 for flamingo painting.
Completing face and feathers

Final Product!

Pink Flamingo painting

The original painting was on exhibit at: Creativa in Kissimmee Florida from March 2 to May 5 2024.

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