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Choosing art for different areas of your home

Now that we have reviewed the benefits of art, lets discuss how to choose art pieces for your home and what type of art may be the best for specific areas of your home.

Here are some tips for using art to beautify your surroundings:

  • Choose art that you love. The most important thing is to choose art that you love and that speaks to you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and mediums.
  • Consider the scale of the art. When choosing art for your space, consider the scale of the piece. Make sure that the art is not too large or too small for the space.
    • Consider two or three-panel artwork for larger walls
  • Hang art at eye level. For the most impact, hang art at eye level. This will help to create a focal point and make the art more visible.
  • Use art to create a mood. Art can be used to create a specific mood in a room. For example, a bright and colorful painting can create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere, while a more subdued piece of art can create a more calming and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Group art together. Grouping art together can create a more visually appealing display. Try grouping art by theme, color, or style.

Here are some specific examples of how to use art to beautify different areas of your home:

  • Living room: As the heart of the home, a large painting can make a statement in your living room. You can also use art to create a focal point above your fireplace or sofa. Bold and vibrant pieces, abstract or landscapes with energetic colors, can create a stimulating and conversation-starting atmosphere.
  • Bedroom: Your bedroom is your sanctuary, a place for relaxation and tranquility. A calming piece of art can help to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. You can also use art to express your personal style. Opt for softer, cooler colors and calming subjects like nature scenes
  • Kitchen: A bright and cheerful piece of art can brighten up your kitchen. You can also use art to add a touch of personality to your backsplash or kitchen island. Uplifting and whimsical pieces, still life with fruit or playful food motifs, can add a touch of cheerfulness to your culinary space.
  • Bathroom: A piece of art can add visual interest to your bathroom and make it feel more like a spa or a nature hideaway. You can also use art to create a focal point above your bathtub or vanity.
  • Home office: A piece of art can add inspiration and creativity to your home office. You can also use art to create a focal point above your desk or in a corner of your office.
  • Complementary Colors: If your decor leans towards a neutral palette, you can introduce a pop of color with artwork. Look for pieces that feature complementary colors found on the color wheel, creating a visually stimulating contrast.
  • Cohesive Palette: If you already have a bold color scheme in your room, select artwork that incorporates some of those same hues to create a sense of continuity.
  • Mixing Styles: Don’t be afraid to experiment! Modern art can complement a traditional room, and vice versa. The key is to find pieces that share a common thread, such as color, theme, or texture.

No matter what your style or budget, there is art out there that can beautify your surroundings. So get creative and start using art to make your home a more beautiful and inviting place to be.

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