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It is our birthday: Twin Artz turns 2!

While we are twin artists, it is not our birthday but the birthday of Twin Artz, LLC.

Our company turned two years old this past January 20th. We are excited for the possibilities this new year offers. We are planning to have a series in the blog where each one of us will highlight a piece we have worked on that is memorable. Also plan to provide a 200-foot view of our process for inspiration. We also plan to showcase some of our various Fan Art crushes. While we cannot sell these art pieces due to copyright, we think you should see these beautiful creations (if may say so ourselves).

Our mission continues to be to provide our customers with beautiful heirloom quality art pieces. We believe that art should be a source of joy and inspiration

Looking Towards the Future

As we celebrate this anniversary, we are filled with gratitude for the past and excitement for the future. We are committed to continuing to grow and evolve, to find new ways to bring art to the community, and to inspire our customers.

Join Us for a Celebration!

To commemorate our anniversary, we are giving you a special discount code for the month of February, in time for Valentine’s Day commissions and art print gifts – use code ‘TA2‘ for 10% off your purchase and free shipping in the US. Can be combined with other offers but not valid for e-gift cards.

We hope you can join us as we commemorate this special occasion. We look forward to many more years of creating art and building community together.

Thank You!

Here’s to many more years of art!

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